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best ecommerce sites

The easiest way to make your online venture the best ecommerce site is to wear your customers' shoes and ask yourself what would be the features they would look for.


Thanks for sharing this article! I just recently created a Pinterest account for myself and I've been doing some research online to see just what it's all about. I'm not convinced that it's the "next Facebook," since the two sites seem to serve very different purposes, and perhaps even cater to different media users entirely. However, this huge investment by Rakuten seems to indicate that Pinterest is here to stay. Glad I jumped on that bandwagon now.

Travis Ehrenstrom

I've been a reluctant supporter of Pinterest. I think, it's a really great site, with a really cool approach to social media, but I can honestly say I don't know if there is room for another social media powerhouse. Also, when you look at the demographic of Pinterest users you will see that it is overwhelmingly weighted towards women users. I think that fact alone will play into the viability of Pinterest and whoever purchases the site, is buying it for that demographic. Thanks for the post!

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